When is the 26th and 27th Commencement Ceremonies?

The online commencement ceremony will be held live on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at 16.00 (GMT İstanbul)

How will I attend the online ceremony?

The ceremony will stream live on toren.ku.edu.tr and via Koç University YouTube Channel.

How will my family or friends watch the ceremony?

The ceremony will stream live on toren.ku.edu.tr and via Koç University YouTube Channel.

What is the schedule of the ceremony?

You can view the full schedule from this page.

Will the ceremony recording be available for us to watch afterwards?

Yes, anyone can access the ceremonies on Koç University YouTube Channel as of June 27th.

Will diploma ceremonies be held?

Diploma ceremonies will be active on Koç University YouTube Channel following the main ceremony on June, 26 Saturday.

Will the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 have the chance to celebrate in person when safe to do so?

We will celebrate the success of our 2020 and 2021 graduating classes with all of us together with our students and their families on our campus in June 2022. We plan to have a full Graduation Week and hold the Commencement Ceremony for each graduating class on separate days, followed by the 2022 Commencement Ceremony. We have yet to work out the details of these events and will inform you in due time.

How can I get my diploma?

Students who are entitled to graduate must apply through KUSIS in order to start their graduation procedures. A deadline has been set for the application period and all eligible students have been informed about this date via an email. From this link, you can find information on how to apply. There is also a video on our website that explains in detail how to apply. Following obligatory checks, the graduation status of students who are deemed eligible to graduate will be updated as “Your degree has been awarded”. We intent on delivering the diplomas of students who will be eligible to graduate after the final exams and have completed the ‘Apply for Graduation’ steps by the second half of July.

Students who will be eligible to graduate after summer school or having passed amnesty exams should not apply. They can initiate their graduation procedures at a later date by contacting registrar@ku.edu.tr once they meet the respective graduation requirements.

How can I be a member of the Alumni Association (KUMED)?

Visit the link Kocmezunlar.org, click first the “Üyelik (Membership)” menu and then the “Üye Ol (Become a Member)” tab,fill in the form and sign it. The membership fee is 100 TL. Don’t forget to send the form to kumed@kocmezunlar.org

Why should I be a KUMED member?

Maintain the ties you have established at Koç University,
Feel that you are part of a large and established group,
Expand your social and professional network by meeting new graduates,
Enjoy events at KoçPera and Koç University Campus,
Benefit from discounts and advantages offered by KUMED..