Message from the President

You have arrived at one of the most important turning points of your life. As your university life full of unforgettable memories come to an end, you are setting out on a new journey where exciting experiences await you.
As graduates of Koç University, you are beginning your new life with a head start.
In addition to the wide-ranging classes that have been meticulously designed for you, you have also acquired a broad knowledge that incorporates values. All these experiences will guide you in becoming individuals who positively contribute to society and humanity. Please always be uncompromisingly relentless in following your curiosity; never accept anything without filtering it with your own conscience.
You have graduated in an unprecedented, extraordinary time. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread through the entire world, you have never lost track of your goals and managed to graduate in the face of all uncertainty and hardship.
You should be proud of your Diploma because you have achieved the goals you needed in order to graduate. However, please also be aware and proud of the wealth of personal relationships you have formed during your time here.
Enjoy and cherish this moment; we shall always remember you and take pride and joy in your future endeavours.
May your lives be full of health, happiness, excitement and success…

Umran S. Inan

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Message from the Dean of Students

On behalf of all of us in the Dean of Students Office, congratulations on
earning your degree and starting your journey in this new phase of your life.
We couldn’t be more proud of all that you have accomplished under such
strangely interesting circumstances. Apart from your degree, you also
completed a master class in resilience, adaptability, determination and
placidity. It is apparent that I dont even need to point out the identity of the culprit for your struggles;
you all now him/her very well. In retrospect, not even a global pandemic could stand in your way and
prevent you from taking the next step in your life. However, we shall not forget that every ending is also a new beginning.
This is true for you all and I am sure each one of you started to realize it already.
The pandemic will end. In a year or so, the world will return to “normal”.
And you will be there for the new beginning. I firmly believe that here at Koç University you were
given all the knowledge, skills and competencies for taking the lead and help reimagine and reinvent what is next.
Please remember that as graduates you are forever part of our community
and I sincerely hope our relations will only grow in the time to come.
Now let’s go and build a better future together.

Dr. Yiğit Sayın
Dean of Students

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